Behind every great creation lies a great inspiration.

Peyton Claire Kinney, the founder of PCK Jewelry, found her inspiration in her beloved grandmother's vintage jewelry collection.

Her grandmother's jewelry served as a window into a world of glamour and sophistication, where each piece held a unique story and exuded the charm of an era characterized by elegance and grace. This enchanting world ignited the founder's passion for jewelry and set her on a journey to create something truly extraordinary.

Drawing inspiration from her grandmother's vintage jewelry, Peyton Claire Kinney embarked on a mission to craft an ethically sourced collection that could capture the essence of the past while embracing contemporary sensibilities. She meticulously studied the craftsmanship and design elements of each piece, paying special attention to the intricate details and timeless beauty that defined them.

Throughout the creative process, love and dedication were infused into every step. From the initial concepts to the careful selection of the finest pieces, every decision was made with the utmost care and consideration. Our collection aims to seamlessly blend the charm of vintage jewelry with modern aesthetics.

In essence, Peyton Claire Kinney's PCK Jewelry pays homage to her grandmother's legacy, preserving the stories and elegance of an era while making them accessible and relevant to the contemporary world.


Photos of Peyton's Beloved Grandparents,

Margaret Dorothy Pierson & Dr. George Thomas Pierson

1928 – 2022

1930 – 2003